Scott Wolf, Principal

Scott Wolf PrincipalToday, we’re bringing you the other half of the Scotts that run NFS: our Principal, Scott Wolf!

Wolf has spent over 25 years learning different perspectives of the building performance and commissioning industry. He utilizes that experience in developing NFS’s software and our focus on minimizing data fragmentation, facility costs and environmental impact. Co-leading our team with Scott Sinclair, Wolf sets out a vision of knowledge management and adding value for both the people part of our company and our clients nationwide.

“The function of a business is to build people. And in that process you deliver value to a customer,” Wolf says. This focus on continuous improvement and betterment in our leadership team is present throughout our team and the services we offer.

Scott is a man of many talents beyond building our business. When not at work he spends his time with his wife Irene, promoting the arts through their small local theater, or writing poetry, playing his ukulele or training for some future race.