How Building Commissioning Supports Renewable Energy Goals

Retro-commissioning is a proven strategy for embracing the overall movement toward renewable energy goals. The retro-commissioning of a facility by a professional organization provides an unbiased third-party review of that facility’s energy efficiencies – and deficiencies. Over time, building systems can fall out of calibration, deferred maintenance accumulates, and equipment continues to age, resulting in an accumulative decrease in energy efficiency.

When conditions have led to reduced facility efficiency, engineering staff may know of areas where they are having issues. NFS deploys a third-party team to work together with the local site staff, assisting in identification of issues. We then follow up by aiding in implementing solutions – this is a key function of the retro-commissioning process.

National Facility Solutions is currently providing retro-commissioning services for several large hospitals throughout Pennsylvania, Texas, and Tennessee (see two recent project examples in Detroit and Memphis) During this process, our team of specialists have inventoried all energy-using HVAC and plumbing systems, while also assessing equipment condition. Additionally, our team tested the HVAC systems and equipment through calibration verification, identification of equipment deficiencies, and functional testing.

Through a careful review of identified efficiency issues, the National Facility Solutions team prioritized the most significant issues with our client. We are now providing resources to aid in fixing these issues. As a final part of this process, our team will provide on-site training with videography services to ensure the client can effectively manage and maintain the fine-tuned operations of their facilities.

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