Detroit, MI


Veterans Administration

Completion Date:

September - 2018

Building Type:


Building Size:

2,391,000 Sq. Ft.




Energy Savings:

Analysis In Progress

CO Reduction:

Analysis In Progress

Services Provided:

Retrocommissioning of the existing building energy using systems including the building automation system (DDC, BAS System), the chilled water system, heating hot water system, domestic hot water system, heat exchangers, and the lighting systems. Included with the scope of work was to update the inventory data, the energy benchmarking of the facility performance, development of the testing plans, conducting the functional testing, providing energy recommendations including identifying predictive maintenance activities. Minor projects were also implemented that included steam coil repair and make up air unit fan replacement. The knowledge transfer utilizing ERCx database with the tablet was provided for the VA to use upon completion of the work.

Solutions: Retrocommissioning, Maintenance Repairs, Inventory Management, Energy Benchmarking, and Energy Conservation Measures


Executive Order (EO) 13693, VA Retrocommissioning Guidelines