Memphis, TN


Veterans Adminstration

Completion Date:

November 2018

Building Type:


Building Size:

1,149,401 Sq. Ft.




Services Provided:

Retrocommissioning of the existing building controls automation system and all air handling units serving all facilities. Included with the scope of work was to update the inventory data, development of the testing plans for testing the control system, conducting the functional testing, providing repair and maintenance recommendations including identifying predictive maintenance activities. Repair management through identification of priorities and managing with team to implemented repairs. Repairs included control component replace, programming revisions, graphics updates and device calibrations. The knowledge transfer utilizing iPerformance with the tablet was provided along with video of the maintenance training.

Solutions: Retrocommissioning, Maintenance Repairs, Building Automation System Controls Repair, Inventory Management, Maintenance Program Development, and Maintenance Training Video Services.

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