knowledge management for building commissioning

We place a high value on knowledge management, which is the effective application of knowledge, experience and software. By using these three components, we will help you solve your energy efficiency challenges.

Building Commissioning Knowledge Management?

It’s our way of life. So, when you hear the words “Smart Building Technology,” think of us. Our comprehensive knowledge management system informs the development of our proprietary building commissioning software. It’s through these of these tools that National Facility Specialists custom designs the right solution for your facilities and team.

knowledge managementAs your partners in facility performance, we rely on smart building technology. As a result, we provide high-value, realistic engineering solutions for more efficient buildings and a healthier planet.

It’s this knowledge management system that enables National Facility Specialists to capture and leverage lessons learned from one project to the next. We have developed our software over years of experience commissioning, retrocommissioning and retrofitting buildings. Doing so has enabled us to utilize our comprehensive, real-time database of practical knowledge to benefit our clients.

Building Energy Management Practices

Experienced, empowered teams lead our building energy management practices, and we provide you with more face time and field time. Our energy conservation measures start with our proprietary energy audit checklist. This checklist provides a pathway toward building energy consumption reduction by guiding our every activity, along with the activities of your staff.

True knowledge management can only be achieved when you have just the right blend of people sharing relevant information with each other through. This happens when a well-documented process directs the application of the right technology in order to create the right outcomes. By using this information throughout subsequent measurement and activities, you’re assured that your facilities are being maintained. And better positioned for their ongoing operations.

Your buildings and staff benefits from these sound, time-proven knowledge management practices National Facility Solutions provides. By sharing these practices with your teams, we help you ensure optimal performance of your facilities.

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