Facility Asset Management

A key step in managing energy consumption in a facility is developing a predictive maintenance program.  A predictive maintenance program requires knowledge and understanding of the systems and equipment in the facility, and the impact of changes to operations, systems and equipment.  This may seem like an obvious task, but the reality is that many building owners and operators lack a comprehensive understanding of the systems and equipment that support and run their facilities. In order to develop a complete understanding of your building you first need to develop a complete inventory of your building systems.

There are numerous reasons why an owner may lack a comprehensive and accurate equipment inventory.  Outdated drawings, undocumented changes, incomplete as-builts, short staffing, and a lack of prioritizing an inventory management system are common culprits of this condition. NFS facility specialists have identified inaccurate and incomplete equipment inventory as a common reason for poor building performance.  Fortunately, we have also developed a solution to this problem.

When engaged to provide equipment inventory, we first identify the inventory or assets that you have in your facility, and then assess how they are performing.

NFS has conducted hundreds of energy assessments, and based on that experience we have developed an inventory data management system for our clients.  In a large facility, asset inventory and documentation is a massive undertaking, but we make it easy. Using our ECxM process on cellular data enabled tablets, we do more in less time than our competition.  And the best part, when finished with our service we leave our clients with the tools and experience needed to carry on the process and program.

Please contact us if you would like to discuss how NFS can help you leverage equipment inventory strategy and program into a higher performing facility.