Utilizing Facility Analytics as a Response to COVID-19 for Healthcare Environments

By Scott Wolf, Principal, CxA

analytics covid 19 response graphic and logoCOVID-19 has filled our world with uncertainty, anxiety and a radical shift in social and economic priorities. To effectively protect building occupants, facilities management, engineering and maintenance teams have been forced to implement new strategies to manage exposure risks. We are facing a paradigm shift in the definition of occupant safety and indoor air quality. COVID-19 has forced us to rethink and redefine our approach to building commissioning. As a firm focused on developing and utilizing leading-edge technology and tools, NFS has been ready to meet these new challenges. We have implemented a unique strategy to help clients leverage our iPerformance Analytics technology to better commission and remotely manage their facilities during these unprecedented times.

When COVID-19 hit, NFS was serving as the commissioning agent for the construction of a Sterile Processing Space [SPS] at the Nashville VA Medical Center. Suddenly, the on-site construction team had to deal with an accelerated schedule, limited site access and exposure risks. NFS acted quickly and provided remote, real-time support through the implementation of a facility data analytics program. Our unique solution allowed the team to effectively and efficiently identify, communicate and resolve numerous critical issues while minimizing the presence of personnel on-site.

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