About Operations and Maintenance Services

National Facility Specialists design LEED operations and maintenance programs to help ensure ongoing optimal performance of your facilities.

building operations and maintenance

We use our “Building Knowledge” learning platform to help your teams understand and implement strategies aimed at heightened efficiency.

Controlling Hazardous Energy

We provide expert analysis to ensure safer working conditions and smooth operations and maintenance. This results in the prevention of unintended energization of your systems and equipment. We can also facilitate de-energization and help develop a lockout/tagout program (LOTO). Programs like these are designed to prevent contact with hazardous energy.

Knowledge Management Informs Predictive Maintenance

HVAC systems and equipment are critical to facility performance because they impact all areas of building use, maintenance, and performance.

Often, routine maintenance checks don’t identify problems that can lead to equipment failure. Therefore, NFS analyzes current equipment conditions and assigns tasks that keep equipment running at optimum levels, which improves your bottom line. Finally, our predictive maintenance knowledge management system provides you with information required to extend equipment life.

NFS Stands for Building Knowledge

You can achieve the most sustainable impact on building performance through a well-trained, collaborative operating staff.

Our “Building Knowledge” training workshops help your operations teams better understand the concepts and objectives of building commissioning. To that end, we utilize our knowledge management system to create this learning platform, which hosts over 100 years of our combined facilities experience. These workshops are designed to build and share knowledge. This results will positively impact the operational efficiencies of your facilities.

Legionella Assessment & Management Consulting

Legionella infection in a building can be severe and unexpected, because an outbreak can cause serious or fatal disease. This is particularly true in a hospital setting, where patients’ immune systems may be compromised.  That’s why NFS helps building owners demonstrate the due diligence that is necessary to prevent Legionella outbreaks.

We will advise you on protocols to detect the source of Legionella. We accomplish this through comprehensive facility and system investigations, water sample collection, and outbreak prevention strategies. In addition, we’ll provide a preventive management program to limit risk and protect the health and safety of occupants. This program may include the disinfectant process of copper-silver ionization.

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