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engineering and design commissioning servicesWe are a full-service engineering and design services provider, ready to tackle new construction or renovation challenges of any scale. National Facility Specialists work with you every step of the way toward operating your facilities at peak efficiency.

We are well-versed in all phases of both engineering and design. Our goal is to provide you with sustainable facility solutions that ensure occupant comfort, maximum efficiency and reduced operational costs.

Feasibility Studies

When considering new construction or major renovations, the first step is often a feasibility study. We’ll work to understand your “big picture” goals and analyze available information to develop a tailored design strategy. This helps to identify critical issues early in the design process to ensure a successful project.

Arc Flash Electrical Analysis

Our team is ready to assist with your electrical system analysis and arc flash studies to ensure safe and uninterrupted operations of your facilities. We help determine the proper requirements of a power system through comprehensive facility assessments. Furthermore, we can perform system modeling as well as detailed analysis of present and future load requirements.

Systems Integration

A well-designed Building Automation System (BAS) allows facility managers to better manage their buildings. This is achieved by controlling energy costs, managing resources and improving facility safety from a central location. Networking systems such as HVAC, lighting and security can lead to a decrease in energy consumption and operational efficiency, thus reducing costs.

We can integrate the separate elements of a complex BAS into a singular system. This is accomplished by using open protocols such as LON and BACNet to communicate. These protocols will provide more cost-effective control over new or existing facilities, and the flexibility for implementing future control systems.

Peer Review

We’ll become a key part of your team, rather than operating strictly from a third-party perspective. Working this way allows us to adapt to your specific needs when helping you conduct a thorough peer review process.

Our experience as “engineer of record” for major architectural projects helps inform our interactive approach to peer reviews. Some reviews require an “over the shoulder” method to provide critical feedback on a real-time basis. Other reviews may require a more removed, “hands-off” approach. Our peer review teams stay focused on critical elements of design and analysis. Consequently, this allows us to provide timely reconciliation among peer reviewers toward resolution with the design team.

As-Built Surveys

As buildings get older, many things can happen, such as systems changes and engineering and maintenance personnel turnover. In addition,  building alterations often cause engineering archives to become outdated and inaccurate. A thorough review of documents, scans and CAD conversions allows us to verify field systems and update obsolete drawings. This results in a consolidated drawing set that accurately reflects your current facility systems and conditions.

Ventilation Studies

Airflow verification is often required when pursuing LEED EBOM Indoor Environmental Quality Prerequisite 1. This is achieved through a measurement of airflow that’s compared to ASHRAE 62.1-2007 requirements for Minimum Breathing Zone Airflow.

We’ll assess whether each intake, fan, and/or ventilation distribution system supplies the minimum outside air ventilation for occupied spaces. If flows are measured beyond minimum quality standards, we help adjust AHUs to comply with their maximum potential airflow.

Once these studies are complete, we compile a comprehensive summary report for inclusion in your LEED certification achievement efforts.

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