Commercial Building Energy Audit

energy audit

National Facility Specialists are skilled at recommending strategies designed to improve the energy efficiency of your facilities.

National Facility Specialists leverage our knowledge management system to conduct energy audits designed to identify opportunities to improve a building’s energy efficiency. To accomplish this, we conduct audits in accordance with ASHRAE standards, as well as VA standards and Federal Executive Orders. These audits may take the shape of simple walkthroughs to identify “low-hanging fruit” inefficiencies that can be improved. Conversely, an audit may be more comprehensive by including reviews informed by our energy audit checklist and energy assessment. The resulting data allow us to recommend performance improvement strategies.

Energy Benchmarking

We utilize building energy analysis and energy efficiency software and energy benchmarking tools like Energy Star or Trane Trace. Tools such as these allow us to accurately model and improve your commercial building energy efficiency. In addition, we can identify areas of poor energy and water performance, which allows us to determine where you might be able to save on energy costs.

Geothermal Feasibility

If you’re considering geothermal heat transfer strategies in a new or existing building, we can provide conductivity testing. In addition, we offer advanced ground heat exchanger design and commissioning services. By identifying your options based on geologic, thermal and environmental conditions, you can make well-informed decisions on how to proceed. As a consequence, you may wish to pursue a potentially cost-effective geothermal strategy with our help.

Resource Efficiency Management

National Facility Services commissioning agents will work on-site at federal facilities for extended periods of time when requested to do so. This allows us to assist federal agencies with sustainability initiatives and make the necessary improvements.

As GSA schedule contractors, one of most important services is providing recommendations that will improve the energy efficiency of your buildings. Our services include energy usage assessments, progress tracking on sustainability improvements and reporting.

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