About Code Compliance

Building code compliance can be a very confusing and often complicated issue for facilities management and maintenance teams. In addition, codes are often different from one location to the next. These complications likely result in you requiring our assistance.

National Facility Services understands the responsibilities regarding code compliance and how to incorporate these requirements into your project specifications. By doing so, we also examine the impact of green building requirements on building codes and how to incorporate those into your specifications.

Additionally, we will work with you through the peer review process to help verify your code compliance.

We Have Extensive Experience

We’re experienced in working with many different building types and in many different locations. By using this experience, we’ve become well versed in all the various building code requirements and guidelines.

That’s how National Facility Specialists can help you understand the state and national regulations that affect your facilities. More importantly, we can help you determine how to comply with all of the various codes affecting your operations.

Our Work with Code Compliance Standards 

  • Executive Order 13423
  • VA Sustainability Plan
  • Local Law 87 – New York
  • Building Codes all States
  • Green Building Process
    • LEED – New & Existing
    • Green Globes
    • CHPS
    • CalGreen
  • ICC Codes
    • IECC
      • Energy Conservation Code
      • HVAC System Completion
      • C408 System Commissioning
    • IGCC
      • International Green Construction Code
      • Section 611 Energy System Commissioning
      • Table 902.1 Commissioning Plan
  • International Building Codes
    • International Building Code – 2015
      • ICC G4-2012 Guideline for Commissioning
      • Standard 1000 Commissioning
      • Cal Green/Title 24
    • Mechanical Code – 2015
    • Plumbing Code – 2015
    • NFPA Electrical Code
      • 72-2013 Fire Alarm Code
      • System Commissioning Testing
      • 90A-2012 HVAC Systems
  • Chapter 7 Acceptance Testing
  • NFPA 92 – Smoke Control Systems
  • Chapter 7 – Smoke Control Systems

To learn more about our commissioning code compliance services, please contact us via email, or call us at 651-319-0170.

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